The MedTech Lab

The MedTech Lab aims to provide engineering support for medical device start-ups critical to its survival and success during the early development phases.

It is our fundamental core principal that the strength of a truly novel tech start-up is it its own in-house engineering strength. Hence, we are pushing the concept of “In-Sourcing” as much as possible.


In-Sourcing simply means having the start-up take on as much of the research, development, prototyping and manufacturing effort as feasible. This may seem counter intuitive and daunting in today’s highly connected and outsourced environment, however doing so allows you to truly develop understanding and awareness of your core technology and hence the ability to be nimble and react to unexpected situations in a start-up which will be inevitable and plenty.

“You do not know what you don’t know” is especially true in a truly novel technology.

We are not a job shop OEM manufacturer. We are in the business of growing and developing your start-up in the form of guidance as well as practical hands on engineering. This is achieved through effort on your part and hands on guidance on ours. The end goal is for you to confidently in-source development and early manufacturing.